The House has a heated pool inside the House. In summer, the large windows in corner open, allowing air and the Sun’s out and turns it into an outdoor swimming pool, with sun loungers waiting to soak up the Sun. This unique House, 300 square meters and a plot of 900 sqm, has five double bedrooms with bathroom in each one of its rooms. It consists, in addition, a spacious living room on two levels with a unique fireplace with semicircular shape and a kitchen fully equipped stone and white.

Entire natural clay with under-floor heating, what gives it a special warmth.

The privileged situation of it gives it a magnificent views to the sierra de Somosierra and field. From his porch currency, among other things, the road that leads to Pedraza, which is located only 8 km. Particular garden is equipped with tables and chairs in different spaces and lounge chairs in summer, so you can sunbathe and enjoy at your own pace outside. Its privileged location and its careful construction, made of Torrecalera, a place thought to be lived  or repeat!

Torrecalera has been designed so that you can feel it, as if you had wanted it to build. Comfort has been present at all times and we have taken into account that we all like to have a bath in our bedroom.

Type of heating is also much thought.  Why choose underfloor heating and the mud as a conductor of heat. But also wood-burning stoves provide an ambience in the rooms of a House. We all like to look at the fire. Firewood and smell stoves make us feel the heat in a most special way. That’s why the stove take place in the main corner of the  main hall, which is the fundamental stay in the house. That is the key to our home. Its double-height makes it unique. The volume of its roof and walls is mixed with the ladder of single-shot leading to the rooms of the top.

The light is also essential in life and of course a House. The windows open around all Torrecalera. And the main character, is undoubtedly the large triangular window. From the main hall or from the top of the House overlooking the horizon and saw through its large glass. The field dominates all the exterior and interior of Torrecalera. From its windows nature slipped inside her.The furnishings were designed one by one, carefully. Nothing is random. Many were restored to save the taste of the past in the present, traditional, yet modern House. The color and even the images have inundated part of them, of artisan and singular way.

Each room has been designed to fit each piece of furniture in your website.Each bath was also decorated in a personal way. All the materials are different. And each one of them accompanies the personality of each room.

And to make it a unique stay also we believe to make an indoor swimming pool, without having to move out. The comfort has prevailed at all times. We can go in a swimsuit from the room into the pool without going cold. It overlooks the countryside and the mountains. Large windows flooded it light, town and field. A swimming pool closed for winter, with views to the mountain. But it is also intended for the summer. Its windows are open for air to leak inside and we can feel the outside heat.

And so you can also enjoy abroad, Torrecalera is surrounded by its own. So that adults and children can enjoy it. Without dangers. From the outside porch, high, you can enjoy the splendid view. Its perimeter of stone framed it in the landscape. You can sit outside at one of the tables and chairs that we’ve conditioned. And in summer, of course, sunbathing, in one of his chairs.

Everything, in short, thought to detail, for the convenience of which wants to enjoy and feel own and singular. Torrecalera has been created to make you feel it different and yours because it was designed from the detail, trying to offer something unconventional, something different to what you usually find.Having a heated within the home is not easy to find. In addition, your intended construction makes that in summer it can become a semi-outdoor pool, since its large windows in corner opens and thus enter directly the Sun outside. Thus, in winter we have a heated pool within the home and in summer a pool that conserve hot water and that enable us to take the Sun on the sun loungers outside, where the pool gives directly. Within it there is a thermostatic shower.All the bedrooms have bath in them, to preserve privacy. Next to the lounge there is a bath of courtesy, to avoid having to go to any bedroom.

The double-height Hall, is a wide space with a volume of wonderful, full of light, where three spaces are clearly differentiated to be comfortable among friends or family: dining, area of couches and fireplace area. All with views to the field and saw and an oculus that floods of light and field environment.In addition, from the lounge leads directly to the porch, where you can also eat or be in the group taking something. This porch offers direct access to the outdoor swimming pool area, so everything is comfortable. In addition, splendid cuisine, communicates directly with the sun loungers area, so any snack and appetizer can be served quickly.Access is easy, with car or walk. Up to its entrance there is a paved road that connects from the main road. The entire plot is fenced, so privacy is absolute. Two iron gates shield the plot. One for cars and one for the main entrance.


Places to visit

Orejanilla • Just 6 km from Torrecalera can do a 2 km hiking route to Pedraza.

Pajares • Route of the river Cega, the Canyon of the river surprises us route, with wooden bridges.

Requijada • His Hermitage of Ntra Sra de las Vegas. A few years ago was restored by removing the walls that blinded her gallery arcaded and declared historic-artistic monument in 1969. Beautiful specimen of the Romanesque

San Pedro de Gaíllos • Only 4 km from Torrecalera you can visit the Romanesque church of San Pedro, with its beautiful apse and Gallery.

Riaza • Villa historica. The plaza porticada and wide gives great beauty. The collection of sacred art from the Church of our Lady of the mantle is located in the interior of this church.

Segovia • Just half an hour from Torrecalera, Segovia offers history and monuments. Its world famous aqueduct, its alcazar and the Cathedral of Santa Maria, as well as their Romanesque churches and streets.

The Pinilla ski station • Ski station just half an hour from Torrecalera.

Turégano • Turégano is a villa with history. The most important monument is the Castillo, of celtibéricos origins, declared a historical and artistic monument in 1931. Also highlights your square as prototype of vila.

Hermitage of San Frutos • It is the chapel which is located in the Parque Natural de las hoces del Río Duratón. Its spectacular location, surrounded by the green of the Río Duratón and red of the buitreras surrounding it will surprise you.

Park Natural Hoces del Rio Duratón •El Parque Natural de las Hoces of the River Duratón is a protected area comprising the surroundings of sickles, with a spectacular Canyon. With the Hermitage of San Frutos in a spectacular setting

Sepulveda • Sepúlveda is more than 1000 years, one of the magical places of Spain. Located on a huge rock overlooking the Río Duratón, it has been for centuries an essential part in the history.

Pedraza It`s a medieval village which stands in a beautiful setting and with one of the walled better preserved of Castilla y León. Declared a national historical site. Only 8 km away.

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